Friday, May 19, 2017

Abstract Art to illustrate how microscope view looked to me painted by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of Missouri

I, gloriapoole / Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri/artist/author/illustrator/cartoonist/writer/blogger/tweeter/citizen-journo/personhood promoter/ twice-divorced/single-again/white/christian/woman/mother of 2 grown daughters named Jennifer and Leigh, drew this with soft pastels on 14 x 17 inch bristol board. Copyright. Gloria Poole. Missouri. 19th May 2017 ; 7:12am. ALL RIGHTS TO THIS ENTIRE BLOG--ALL ART, ALL WORDS AND ALL PHOTOS AND THE BLOG ITSELF ARE RESERVED TO ME GLORIA POOLE OF MISSOURI. I drew this for a reason so scroll down to read it.

Yesterday in news was a photo of bacteria growing in a petrie dish and I thought about when I was first a student nurse, [but I am a Registered Nurse now who worked 26 years in hospitals], I saw a petrie dish under the microscope and it looked very bizarre to me. I cannot really visualize how it looked in my mind--it was long ago. But I drew this to give people an idea of how bizarre and strange and yet lovely in its own way it looked. I painted it red to make it stand out from stark white bristol board. It is simply to illustrate an idea--that all living organisms created by GOD HIMSELF, have a distinct purpose.

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I do not own the copyright to certain links of info on this blog that was provided to me by medical doctors and I have made a point of attributing my sources, always. I do however own the copyright to this blog as an entirety especially to the art sketches I have added as illustrations from time to time that are my own creations, so see the previous links to see information about me, Gloria Poole,Registered Nurse/artist/author/illustrator/cartoonist/writer/blogger/prolife advocate/Christian/ twice-divorced white woman. It is necessary to make the point that I am white woman because according to Tallahassee Police there is also a black woman who told police her name was Gloria Poole, but she had no proof of that according to that Police years ago. So, I have to clarify that point to avoid confusion.

You can see my Feb 2017 selfie :

My selfie in Feb 2017:

This is a selfie of me [Ms] Gloria Poole,Registered Nurse, and artist in all visual mediums, that I photographed yesterday to add to a blog. It is necessary to do this for several reasons: there was a well-orchestrated effort last week to totally annihilate me from the web and to steal my landline telephone, a cell phone number of mine, and there was a fake obituary that was sent to Google to try to fool the world about me. I am alive and well [except for the permanent damage to my physical body from trauma on 2 occasions]. I am adding this here today to document that I am alive and well, and still very much active on web and in other ways. I photographed this in my bathroom so I could use the mirror to see the push button on other side of camera, and forgot I had a towel over the door! And that white streak is where I wiped mirror first but didn't realize til photo that threads got on mirror. I often look very red in summer because I walkabout a lot in the sunshine. I am a white woman and that is apparent in a better light. photo-by-gloriapoole. Copyright. Gloria Poole. Missouri. 27 Feb 2017. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. is a profile page for me.

This is another selfie of me same day in Feb 2017 after I had been crying because of cyber-attack by prodeathers that was intended to destroy me:

photo-by-gloriapoole. This is my selfie --one in a series of photographs of myself I, Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse and artist, photographed yesterday with two different cameras after I had cried so hard about the attempt by evil people to destroy me in March 2017. I am posting the different selfies to different blogs as each is different pose, to prove that the fake obituary that was sent to Google was a treacherous scheme of evil people to steal my content and life. I am alive and well except for much trauma to me on two different occasions that left permanent damage to my brain, leg, chest, but I have survived all of that. Copyrighted photo. Gloria Poole,RN,artist;Missouri.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

This is the seal of the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing where I graduated nursing school years ago. I am a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri but before that in other states; but for most of my life, my license was in state of Georgia, where I was born and grew up and was educated.

I am also a graduate of the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business.

Above is my 2017 "logo" of sorts that I created to mark the year.

You can see more of the art I created on these blogs of mine, and read more on the human development of babies in wombs on my #prolife blogs:

https://prolife-nurse.blogspot.comUpdated in Jan 2017.; updated by me Gloria on 16th March 2017; includes my words I wrote of my experience after concussion

That article I wrote of my personal experience with concussion is located at : is where I have also posted a lesson on learning to invest, and some simple art sketches. I updated to create a culture of life.

with pencil drawings I drew of some of the stages of human development.; updated by me Gloria on 23rd March with simple #cartoon I made

I updated this blog today also.; updated slightly by me Gloria and "webma'am is word I created to describe women who work as administrators of web sites, instead of the usual webmaster.

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for the record, I had a Registered Nurse's license in Virginia and lived in Falls Church, Virginia for a while and worked there. I also have family in the Manassas,Virginia area on my mothers' side of family, so i know much about state of Virginia, and its a beautiful state.


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