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Selfie, and guidelines for decision making for RNs, posted by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of/in Missouri

photo-by-gloriapoole. This is my selfie --one in a series of photographs of myself I, Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse and artist, photographed yesterday with two different cameras after I had cried so hard about the attempt by evil people to destroy me last week. I am posting the different selfies to different blogs as each is different pose, to prove that the fake obituary that was sent to Google was a treacherous scheme of evil people to steal my content and life. I am alive and well except for much trauma to me on two different occasions that left permanent damage to my brain, leg, chest, but I have survived all of that. Copyrighted photo. Gloria Poole,RN,artist;Missouri.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Change of topic to today's purpose:

I remember when I was a NEW, not much experience Registered Nurse, years ago, and worked in the emergency dept of a tiny hospital in a small town in the South, I was told by a doctor on call to suture up a laceration! I said, I cannot do that! And doctor on call said, Gloria, you are smart. you can do it. I trust you. And I said I have never been taught how to do that. And he said, something like, you can sew and its similar and I said NO, I won't do it. And he said why? {this conversation was over the telephone.] and I said well for starters it requires anesthesia and I also cannot do that! And he said, it's that deep? And I said yes. And he said ok, I will have to get dressed and come in, tell patient I will be there soon. So he did come to ER and sew up that patient but I always felt as if I could have handled it better.

So, nurses around the world have complained about these sort of expectations from medical staff and as result, state boards of nursing are giving them some guidelines on when to say no to requests to do things not in your job description or training. I am including the guidelines mailed to me so others around world can learn from them.

For Registered Nurses, to decide if you are qualified to perform any particular task:

Ask yourselves these questions:

"1) Is the activity, intervention, or role prohibited by the NPA and rules/regulations of any other applicable laws, rules/regulations , or accreditation standards or professional nursing scope and standards? If yes, STOP.

If no, proceed to question 2.

2) Is performing the activity, intervention, or role consistent with evidence-based nursing and health care literature?

If no, STOP.

If yes, proceed to question 3.

3) Are there practice setting policies and procedures in place to support performing the activity , intervention or role?

If no, stop.

if yes, proceed to question 4.

4) Has the nurse completed the necessary education to safely perform the activity, intervention or role>?

If No, STOP.

If yes, proceed to question 5.

5) Is there documented evidence of the nurse's current competence [knowledge, skills, abilities,and judgements] to safely perform the activity, intervention or role?

If no, STOP.

If yes, proceed to question 6.

6) Does the nurse have the appropriate resources to perform the activity, intervention, or role in this setting?

If no, STOP.

If yes, proceed to question 7.

7) Would a reasonable and prudent nurse perform the activity, intervention or role in this setting?

if No, STOP.

If yes, proceed to question 8.

8) Is the nurse prepared to accept accountability for the activity, intervention or role and for the related outcomes?

If no, STOP.

If yes, the nurse may perform the activity, intervention, or role to acceptable and prevailing standards of safe nursing care."

This guideline is directly from the Missouri State Board of Nursing Newsletter , Feb-Mar-April 2017 issue, pg5.

The same newsletter , same article defines accountability as " to be answerable to oneself and to others for one's own choices, decisions, and actions as measured against a standard such as that established by the Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretative Statements. " I admit I am shocked by that statement since it says code of ethics and not standards of nursing practice. But the guidelines are worthwhile to help all new to the health care professions to make wise decisions.

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