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How to think like a Registered Nurse, written by Gloria Poole,RN, artist of /in Missouri

The "nursing process" develops "critical thinking" but I think all people should learn to think. I am posting some of the "standards" of critical thinking as written in a Medical Surgical textbook for nurses that I have modified to make more "user-friendly".



analysis of events





researching in one's own mind to connect other events



logical: if this then that sort of mindset

thinks for one's self ;does not accept brain-washing

courage of one's convictions

open to new ideas


honest reporting of objective information gathered by one's self












And the questions one could ask to achieve the standards when interviewing anyone for any reason are:

Could you give me an example of that?

Could you elaborate on details?

How could I verify that?

Could you be specific?

How does that relate to the problem?

What complex issues are involved in this?

Is there another point of view on this, within you?

Is this the most important thing for you at the moment?

Are all people affected the same way by this?

Do other people who live in your household notice this?

Have you told me all the information about this?

Does all of this make sense when considered together?

What happened specifically step by step?

Is any event in your past causing you to react this way?

Could you describe your reaction, your emotions, your responses in precise words?

Could you write a timeline of events?

How has such and such affected your daily living?

Are you taking any form of drugs for any reason?

If the answer is yes, then ask:

a) What happens when you take the medicine as prescribed?

b) Are you taking or using other substances? [ street drugs] ?

c) Is there any medicine you think you cannot live without?

Then research about each drug or substance to identify:

a) the classification of the drugs or substance?

b) the action of it?

c) the intended effect of it?

d) the side effects or unintended consequences of it?

e) the likelihood of addiction to it?

f) the worst case scenario of it? For example if dose exceeded, is death a risk?

Could your prioritize or rank your problems?

How is this affecting your husband [or wife?]

Is there anything else you want to tell me?

Of course, the "nursing process" is only an adaptation of the scientific method. In nursing [and medical education also] it is called "evidence-based practice' and involves these steps:

1) identifying the problem;

2) researching for relevant and best literature available on the subject;

3) analyzing, evaluating critically the literature using established criteria, standards, or protocols, regarding merit of ideas;

4) integrating the information from the research into practice with specific interventions;

5) re-evaluating the effect(s) based upon what outcomes occurred.

My reference book for this is a textbook that I own : Medical-Surgical Nursing; Clinical Management for positive outcomes eighth edition written by Joyce M black and Jane Hokanson Hawks; chapter three.

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