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Midwives saves lives, by Gloria Poole, RN, artist of Missouri

"Midwife " oil painting by Gloria Poole, RN, artist of Missouri in year 2009.
This post is about educating the public on the function of midwives and the need for them around the world. I am including some quotes on this topic and the source of the quotes.

Quote: "One important conclusion is that application of the evidence presented in this Series could avert more than 80% of maternal and newborn deaths, 1 including stillbirths. Midwifery therefore has a pivotal, yet widely neglected, part to play in accelerating progress to end preventable mortality of women and children. " From :
And : "The authors also produce evidence of a trend towards the overmedicalisation of pregnancy, and the use of unnecessary interventions such as caesarean sections, in high-income and lower-income countries, with consequent hazards and costs." From :

"Most neonatal deaths are preventable. The best possible
way of reducing neonatal mortality is through greater
investment in maternal care during the first 24 hours
after birth, particularly in labour and delivery care and
other high-impact interventions. Far too many births—
more than half in some countries—occur outside health
facilities, despite the increase in institutional deliveries globally" From :

"In 2012, 40 million births in
developing regions were not
attended by skilled health
personnel, and over 32 million
of those births occurred in rural
area." From :

"Most maternal deaths are preventable. There are
well-known health-care solutions for the prevention
and handling of complications. For instance, uterotonic
commodities and magnesium sulphate can prevent
and/or manage common complications such as bleeding
during childbirth and hypertensive disorders caused
by pregnancy. There must be a concerted effort to
ensure universal access to both skilled antenatal care
and effective interventions, enhanced to include access
to family planning, and information and services for
reproductive health, especially in vulnerable populations.
Monitoring efforts have to be strengthened to ensure
that effective action is taken." From :

"One critical strategy for reducing maternal morbidity and
mortality is ensuring that every baby is delivered with the
assistance of a skilled health attendant (medical doctor,
nurse or midwife). A birth attendant with the necessary
training and medicines can administer interventions to
prevent or treat life-threatening complications such as
heavy bleeding, or refer a patient to a higher level of care. " From :

" Health care during pregnancy is essential to ensure
the normal, healthy evolution of the pregnancy and to
prevent, detect or predict potential complications during
the pregnancy or delivery. Good quality care must be
provided by skilled health personnel equipped to detect
potential complications and provide the necessary
attention or referral. The proportion of women in
developing regions who were attended at least once
during their pregnancy by skilled health-care personnel
increased from 65 per cent in 1990 to 83 per cent in
2012. In most developing regions, about 80 per cent of
pregnant women visited a skilled health-care provider at
least once, except in Southern Asia, where only 72 per
cent of women received this care.
The World Health Organization has recommended a
minimum of four antenatal care visits to ensure the
well-being of mothers and newborns. During these
visits, women should receive—at least—a minimum care
package, and be monitored for warning signs during
their pregnancy." From :

Resources for midwives:

Midwives' youtube channel:

BBC's Fight for Life videos:

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