Monday, June 23, 2014

Genome sequencing of living babies & questionable medical orders

I, Gloria Poole, RN, artist of Missouri and Georgia, am adding two news snippets that directly affect the standards of medical care debates around the world. These were sent to my inbox to help publicize this news, so I am doing that numbered for reference.

Prolife 23 June 2014:
1) About genome sequencing [mapping DNA]  of living human babies developing in womb with quotes:
"Sequencing DNA has become so cheap and easy that its routine use in pregnancy, as a way to get a broad view of a fetus’s health, is starting to look inevitable. “In five years we will be offering [genome] sequencing for all routine pregnancies in the first trimester,” predicts Art Beaudet, chairman of molecular genetics at Baylor College of Medicine. He says Baylor is developing plans to begin offering so-called exome sequencing, or decoding of the key parts of the genome, during pregnancy for some couples.

What’s still not settled is the ethics of prenatal sequencing—or the question of who gets to control the data. In fact, that debate has barely begun. It’s such a new idea that the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, which sets guidelines for medical geneticists, still has no position on it, says Diana Bianchi, executive director of the Mother Infant Research Institute at Tufts University."

Read :

2) Prolife of UK has taken case to court to stop hosptials from labeling humans as 'do not resuscitate" without patient requesting that or discusson with family members if patient is comatose. Quote: 
 "It is frighteningly easy for a doctor to decide unilaterally not simply that a treatment is non-beneficial but that a patient's life is not worth saving. When there is so much advertising of death by pro-euthanasia and pro-suicide activists, this is truly dangerous." - See more at:

Both of these cases are similar because both are examples of government run amok, and of "research" in the name of medicine that has huge potential to eradicate the human race. Think about it. If every pregnant woman around the world had the decision to analyze 6 billion cells in an unborn child to supposedly determine if that child would ever have any diseases in the lifetime, how much stress would that cause pregnant women AND how much pressure would be put on women to abort their babies? And in the second scenario, it is similar because a written "do not resuscitate " order by a medical doctor essentially means that NO life-saving measures wold be implemented, thus giving the doctor control over who lives and who dies. Should medical doctors anywhere have that power? NO! They should not.

Read the book, The Nazi Doctors written by Robert J Lifton, MD [who is still a medical doctor in the U S] about how medical doctors were used by Hitler to write the orders to gas to death the Jews .  And how the families were lied too and tricked by vague words as to what the "treatment" was [death was the result] ; and compare it to the present situation in  US where the federal government has totally taken over every facet of health care deliverey with thousands of pages of political rules about who gets care and who doesn't , and what level of "care" they get [death via with-holding of care which is called "passive euthanasia"  for some such handicapped, elderly which Obama defines as age 50 or older; and deliberate murder for some such as some in the womb via abortion paid for with taxpayer dollars] but limousine care for those in Congress .  

These are medical issues which every person should be aware of, and which every person should oppose in order to cultivate a climate conducive to human life.

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