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Standards of Care for Ambulatory Care including ambulatory surgery, written by Gloria Poole,Registered Nurse of Missouri and Georgia

Standards of Care for Ambulatory Care including ambulatory surgery, written by Gloria Poole,Registered Nurse of Missouri and Georgia:

Standards are written policies and protocols developed by professional and or governmental /regulatory agencies by which the practice of medical services, research or education can be judged. The AACN developed the Ambulatory Care Nursing Administration and Practice Standards in 1987 and updated them in 2004. They also developed and published the Telehealth Nursing Practice Administration and Practice Standards in 1997 and revised them in 2004 and again I think more recently. The American Nurses Association published the principles on Telehealth in 1998. As far as I can tell the so-called ObamaCare downgraded all actual standards of care for any hospital or ambulatory center, in an effort to make abortuaries and euthanasia acceptable. But these are the standards that were and should be again.

The standards included are:

structure and organization of ambulatory care nursing



ambulatory nursing practice

continuity of care


patients' rights



and performance improvement

For any ambulatory care center to function, it must be in compliance with it's State Dept of Health rules and regulations, and must also operate in compliance with OSHA {Occupational Safety and Health Administration] standards. Evidence-based practice guidelines are available from The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality for many common health problems. They are available at http://ahrq.gov. Professional nursing organizations such as American Nurses Association and the Oncology Nurse's Society also have specific standards.

Competence is defined as the "demonstrated knowledge, skills and ability to carry out the requirements of a given role" according to textbook Medical-Surgical Nursing ,Eight Edition Vol I, written by Joyce M. Black and Jane Hokanson Hawks. Each specialty in nursing has it set of competencies. For example operating room nurses have a specific set of competencies that correspond with the many duties of working in the operating room of an Ambulatory Surgery Center. Those duties include admission interview, assessment, patient teaching, identifying the correct patient and applying tag and the correct part of the anatomy to be operated on and bringing patient to the surgical suite, setting up sterile equipment and trays, operating electrical equipment safely which involves getting the right equipment, and making sure any part that comes into contact with the patient was correctly sterilized, assisting the surgeon and assistant into their sterile gowns and gloves, opening trays as the unsterile Circulator, handing instruments from an unsterile field to a sterile field in way not to contaminate the sterile supplies, documenting all events that happen in the operating room during any case, recording on patients medical record all actions, reactions, responses, questions of patient, results, doctor's visits, doctor's actions to/on patients, status of patient, patient teaching, patient discharge instructions,and any untoward events, medicine adverse reactions; recovering patient in the recovery room, critical care emergency responses. For each duty there is a competency test administered by the person assigned that role in most hospitals and Ambulatory Care centers.

Certification is a statement, declaration by the regulatory agency that a certain nurse has achieved the number of hours and the level of competency that was predetermined by the regulatory group, as the amount of time and knowledge required to be labeled as "certified" in that area. To obtain certification, nurses must take and pass an examination that was developed by a panel of experts and administered by a recognized certification agency. The Ambulatory Care Nursing Conceptual Framework and the American Nurses' Credentialing Center developed a certification examination for the first time in 1999. AACN has led the development of a core curriculum for for ambulatory care nursing and certification, and it's website is http://inurse.com.

Ambulatory care centers including ambulatory surgery in doctor's offices or clinics must be licensed in the state in which they are located. The national association of The Joint Commission evaluates ambulatory care centers and accredits them [with the exception of abortuaries which seem not be required to meet any sort of standard in most states as an effort to appease RADICAL political groups]. The three major accreditation agencies publish their standards, and provide the public an external method of evaluating ambulatory care. Those 3 agencies are: The Joint Commission, The National Committee for Quality Assurance and the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care which serves free-standing centers including medical group practices, student health centers, and office-based surgeons' practices.

The safety goals for ambulatory care centers are:

accuracy of patient identification

accuracy of communication between health care staff

safe administration of the correct medicines

prevent nosocomial infections

prevent spread of infection from patient admitted with infection

prevent fires in the operating room caused by electrical equipment and flammable substances

accurate accounting for Class III, and all drugs regulated by DEA

accuracy of medical records

protection of patient confidentiality

accurate and timely patient teaching that is well-documented to prevent infections at home, or post-op complications

preventing injury to unconscious patient during surgery

preventing injury to patient while in facility

This is not a comprehensive list of information by any means on the operation of ambulatory care centers or clinics, but it is the basics .

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I referred to the textbook Medical-Surgical Nursing ,Eight Edition Vol I, written by Joyce M. Black and Jane Hokanson Hawks. chapter five, pages 69 and 70, but I am also a Registered Nurse who has had my license for years, and I worked in a hospital operating room and an ambulatory surgery center, and I wrote the Infection Policy Manual for the Ambulatory Surgery Center I worked in [it had to be approved by board of medical doctors and it was], and I worked on med-surg and trauma units and Emergency departments in my career. I have a Registered Nurse license in the state of Missouri.

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