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What shock is and how it is treated, written by me Gloria Poole,Registered Nurse ,artist of /in Missouri

About the medical condition of shock

written by Gloria Poole,RN, artist of Missouri

Shock is a medical emergency because it is life-threatening. In the US, it causes thousands of deaths and unknown numbers of injuries that occurred secondary to shock. It is essential that it is recognized early on and appropriately treated to save the person's life. It is a frequent occurrence with trauma.

A. There are 3 classifications of shock:

I. hypovolemic [low volume of blood and plasma circulating in blood stream]:

II. Cardiogenic ; secondary to severely damaged cardiac muscle ;

III. Distributive: is also called vasogenic shock occurs when blood vessels dilate but the circulating volume of the blood does not increase.

B. Causes of shock

Shock is caused by :

1. bleeding [hemorrhage] ; is hypovolemic;

2. burns when plasma shifts massive fluid volumes into interstitial spaces and out of the blood stream; hypovolemic.

3. failure of the left ventricle of the heart to pump adequately [cardiogenic shock] which could be caused by :

a) disease of heart

b) mechanical obstruction of blood flow caused by MI, [heart attack]

c) valvular insufficiency caused by disease or trauma

d) cardiac arrhythmia or dysrhythmias [no heart beat, or irregular, erratic heartbeat]

e) cardiac tamponade is when fluid collects in the pericardial sac around heart & prevents normal heart compressions

f) pulmonary embolus is a blood clot that travels to the lungs from the deep veins in the legs, or originates in the lungs

g) myocardial aneurysms

h) rupture of a valvular papillary muscle

i) ventricular rupture [the left ventricle ruptures]

j) aortic stenosis

k) mitral regurgitation

l) cardiac dysrythmias

m) infections and inflammation around the heart of the pericardium or endocardium

n) pulmonary hypertension

o) toxic drugs

4. Anaphylaxis is when the person is so allergic to something it causes cardiac arrest

5. Neurogenic shock is caused by :

a) spinal cord injury especially cervical spine injuries

b) spinal anesthesia

c) severe vasovagal reactions secondary to pain or trauma

6. Septic shock which is caused by bacteria that has become so pervasive that it has infected the blood supply, and all organs and tissues.

C. The etiology of shock

Shock however it is classified, is because not enough blood gets to the vital organs of the brain, heart and kidneys for any of those reasons above. The human body compensates for that condition by a series of changes orchestrated by the brain until it cannot compensate anymore and then shock occurs. Think of shock as an "early warning system " that life threatening events are taking place within that person. The word hypovolemic consists of prefix hypo- which is low or below normal and volume so it means volume is too low. To make an analogy most people could understand it is as if an engine has too little oil in it and grinds to halt. That is the most common type of shock.

The word cardiogenic consists of cardio- [prefix] for heart and -genic meaning origin. It originates with the heart itself. The clinical definition of that is :" decreased cardiac output [pumping of blood to the body] and evidence of tissue hypoxia [not enough oxygen to the cells] in the presence of an adequate amount of blood. The criteria for cardiogenic shock are sustained systolic blood pressure lower than 90 mm/Hg for at least 30 minutes and a reduced cardia index of <2.2liters/min/m2 in the presence of elevated pulmonary capillary occlusion of < 15mm Hg . Other manifestations are urine output of less than 30 cc /hr, cool extremities and altered mentation [ability to think clearly] . Cardiogenic shock usual occurs after a myocardial infarction [MI] when 40% or more of the heart is damaged, and it has a rate of death because of it, of 80%. Cardiogenic shock is treated by treating the underlying cardiac problem and simultaneously treating the shock. IF fluids are administered but a much slower rate in order not to overwork the heart. and of course, oxygen is given and inotropic agents and vasodilators and sometimes an intraaortic balloon pump is surgically implemented to restore circulating volume.

For septic shock, the mortality rate rises from 15% for sepsis to 40-60% deaths if shock is present.

The way the body compensates for shock, whatever the cause, is to increase the respirations, increase the heart rate, and shunt blood to the vital organs. If shock is not reversed quickly, then the kidneys suffer irreparable damage and urine production stops. Also, the heart rate may get so fast it causes tachycardia which is another strain on the body as the heart beats so fast it does not fill adequately or pump adequately and beings to fail. When that happens, the blood pressure falls and the patient becomes confused as his brain is not getting enough blood or enough oxygen.

For hypovolemic shock, the treatment is an intravenous replacement of Crystalloid at 3 ml/ 1ml of blood loss if hypovolemic, and if more than 2000 cc of blood has been lost then blood replacement also.

Anaphylactic shock is caused by a severe allergic reaction that causes massive vasodilation of the blood vessels, and fast drop in bloods pressure to very low levels. It may begin with hives, laryngeal edema [swelling of throat] and bronchial constriction [person cannot get air into lungs]. Without rapid response a person with anaphylactic shock will die from cardiovascular collapse and respiratory failure. Epinephrine injected is the reversal of anaphylactic shock. The "Epi_Pen" is a commercial ready prepared syringe filled with epinephrine that some very allergic people are advised by their medical doctors to keep on them. Also, those patients should wear an allergy bracelet or identifier of some sort for quick alert to all.

Shock affects the acid-base balance and EVERY system in the human body. Getting adequate oxygen into the body and getting it sent to all organs is crucial for survival. Shock produces prolonged lack of adequate oxygen and the organs suffer. Hypoxia and anoxia can only be tolerated for a short time. As those conditions continue, [if not reversed] the chances of recovery go down. When shock become irreversible with oxygen or IV fluids, acute respiratory disease syndrome [ARDS] occurs in many cases leading to complete respiratory failure. Other conditions which cause respiratory failure are aspiration of vomit, and loss of the brain's control over respirations. When oxygen is not present, adenosine triphosphate is produced through anaerobic metabolism, which produces lactic acid, which causes intracellular acidity which causes cellular damage, and substrates of the adenylic acid system which depress the heart function. The body's chemoreceptors sense the the decreased pH and they try to compensate by increasing the rate and depth of the breathing [respirations]. they attempt to "blow off" or exhale the increased CO2 to compensate for the metabolic acidosis. this results in respiratory alkalosis. Because lactic acid is not exhaled, it accumulates in tissue fluids which become increasingly acidic. Metabolic acids is eventually produced, which lowers the blood pH and bicarbonate levels in the blood. Pyruvate, lactate, phosphate and sulfate all increase. Unless this is reversed and circulation restored, the acidotic reaction kills the cells. As shock progresses, the heart deteriorates, and that is one of the major causes of death in shock.

There is no way to cover fully the topic of shock in this effort to educate people without any medical training. I am simply trying to give you the basics in understanding what shock is, what it causes and how it is treated, so hopefully you would recognize it if ever necessary. What is critical for you or any first responder to know is that SHOCK IS A LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY. Even sometimes when the patient survives, his extremities won't survive because the body in trying to save itself, shunted blood from the arms and legs to the vital organs to keep the person alive. When that happens for a long enough time, cellular death of the arms and legs occurs and the person would have to have amputations to survive and to prevent gangrene.

I have worked with patients in the shock-trauma unit and so I know much about this topic but I was also referencing a medical textbook of Medical-Surgical nursing, volume II, chapter 81, eight edition, written by Joyce M Black and Jane Hokanson Hawks.

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I referred to the textbook Medical-Surgical Nursing ,Eight Edition Vol I, written by Joyce M. Black and Jane Hokanson Hawks. chapter five, pages 69 and 70, but I am also a Registered Nurse who has had my license for years, and I worked in a hospital operating room and an ambulatory surgery center, and I wrote the Infection Policy Manual for the Ambulatory Surgery Center I worked in [it had to be approved by board of medical doctors and it was], and I worked on med-surg and shock-trauma units and Emergency departments in my career. I have a Registered Nurse license in the state of Missouri.

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